About our Contractors

All of our Home Repair Network contractors go through a face-to-face interview, references are checked, and insurance verified. Our contractors are generally on call 24/7 and are involved in their local community. The easiest way a contractor becomes part of our Home Repair Network is to be referred by another HOCOA service provider or member. If you are interested in being a part of the Home Repair Network as one of our elite contractors, call or send us an email for more information, or click here for the application. 

Contractor Benefits

Qualified Leads

Because HOCOA works with the homeowners personally, we know the right contractor for the job to qualify the perfect lead.

Contractor Network

Contractors can tap into our network to obtain other expertise to finish out the job-- HOCOA is also a contractor to contractor network.

Purchasing Power

Our Home Repair Network continually looks for better pricing for materials like tools and flooring, with national purchasing power.

Popular Services

The Contractor's Process

  1. Connect

    Contractors interested in being part of the HOCOA family will start by connecting via email or filling out the Contactor Application. Contactors need to have local stability, insurance, have any required licenses and references.

  2. Request

    Once accepted, Service Requests will come via choice of text, email and/or phone call. This could be home repairs, improvement or maintenance. Homeowners make the decision to use a contractor or ask for another contractor. We will inform the contractor if this happens.

  3. Respond

    Contractors respond to HOCOA if they can do the service request on a timely basis. If the contractor accepts, the contractor will respond to the homeowner by end of day. Contractors work with the homeowner to schedule their appointments, estimates and perform work requested.

  4. Deliver

    Because HOCOA constantly monitors the progress of the service request, we deliver! Carefully selecting the best contractor for the job is where we excel. We LISTEN, we RESPOND, we DELIVER. Contractors will keep us informed of their progress. We follow up with homeowners.








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