Feb, 2016

Hot Water Heater Replacement

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When do you replace your Hot Water Heater?

We have received a number of calls recently regarding Hot Water Heaters. The typical Storage Hot Water Heater uses a tank to heat/store hot water and lasts for 10-15 years. Since most water heaters last so long, many homeowners never face the intimidating task of fixing or replacing a hot water heater. But, homeowners are now staying in their homes longer and may be faced with some of these issues.

Hot water heater problems can prove disastrous if overlooked or left unattended.

The most common problems include:

  • Inadequate Amount of Hot Water – could be caused by high demand, a broken “Dip Tube” or incorrectly connected pipes.
  • Discolored Water (rust colored) – the inside of the storage tank may be corroding.
  • Odor (sulphur) – also due to corrosion in your tank.
  • Noise – typically caused by a buildup of minerals on the heating elements, flushing the system will usually help with this.
  • Pooled Water – may not mean a leak, could be condensation or drips from defective connection.
  • Leak – could be the valve or tank corrosion.

Avoid the Gush

These are the more common Hot Water Heater problems. Catching them early can extend the life of your unit(s). Call HOCOA, your Home Repair Network if you need us to get a plumber out to your home for maintenance, repair, or replacement. Do not wait for a flood in your basement or garage to start looking at your Hot Water Heater.

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